Archbishop’s Excommunication Fuels Revolt Against Rome

Rome’s recent excommunication of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has deepened the division in the Catholic Church, causing several Catholics to show their support for Viganò by demanding to be excommunicated as well. The former papal ambassador to the U.S. and a fierce critic of Pope Francis was excommunicated on July 4 by the Vatican’s Dicastery … Read more

What to Do When Pope Francis Tells You Not to Pray the “Rogue” Psalms

“Do you not know that so much reading of Scripture ruins the Catholic religion?” an incandescent Pope Paul V asked the Venetian ambassador Francesco Contarini in 1606. The Italian historian Gigliola Fragnito, in her captivating book on Rome’s censorship of the Bible La Bibbia al rogo: La censura ecclesiastica e i volgarizzamenti della Scrittura (1471-1605), … Read more

Anarcho-Tyranny Comes to the Vatican

Imagine you live in some hypothetical state in the segregated, Jim Crow South, circa 1930. Your state has laws against lots of minor offenses such as littering, loitering, and causing a public disturbance — but the penalties for such crimes are harsh and disproportionate: terms of two to five years in a hard-nosed, brutal state … Read more

“Queering” the Catholic Church

An article published in The Stream last March featured this headline: “Pope Francis Must Choose: LGBTQ Ideology or Children.” A few days before “Pride Month” began, Francis announced his choice, quietly but blatantly. When the Vatican celebrated World Children’s Day in late May this year — a holiday it created — a male drag performer … Read more

Bishops Join Forces with Social Justice Warriors to Prop Up Scandal-Plagued Charity

Catholic bishops have thrown a lifeline to the domestic anti-poverty program of the U.S. Catholic Church, dismissing revelations of financial scandals and calls for its closure. At a closed-door executing meeting of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) on June 13 in Louisville, Kentucky, a majority of prelates demonstrated unwavering support for the controversy-ridden … Read more

Catholics Urge Bishops to Axe Church’s Social Justice Charity Over Widespread, Gross Abuses

Prominent Catholics are demanding the closure of the domestic anti-poverty program of the U.S. Catholic Church, slamming it as “a highly controversial entity” that is “completely at odds with Catholic moral teaching.” In a petition launched by the Lepanto Institute, the Catholics warn that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), has funneled millions of … Read more

Priests are the Sleeper Cells in Rome’s Homosexual Revolution

The protagonists of the homosexual revolution in the Church of Rome are almost exclusively Catholic priests. This is the alarming conclusion drawn in the book The Breached Dam: The Fiducia Supplicans Surrender to the Homosexual Movement released last Monday in Rome by the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, a traditionalist Catholic … Read more

Is Richard Dawkins More Catholic Than the Pope?

Over the weekend, The Stream was privileged to reprint a brilliant series recently by intelligent design scientist William Dembski on the evolution of Richard Dawkins. But the famous atheist didn’t progress by purely random mutations culled via natural selection from an amoeba to a primate. Nothing ever has. (Increasing numbers of biologists are reluctantly whispering … Read more

Abortion-Funding Charities Sponsored Vatican’s Climate Change Summit

Two major American charities funding abortion and the LGBTQ+ agenda are financing the Vatican’s three-day climate change summit May 15–17. The summit, held at the initiative of Pope Francis, is showcasing radical leftist U.S. governors Maura Healy (Massachusetts), Gavin Newsom (California), and Kathy Hochul (New York), who all identify as Catholic but defy the Roman … Read more