Fr. John Perricone: Does Jesus Love You Just the Way You Are?

Does Jesus Love You Just the Way You Are?


Against such absurd claims, only sharp replies will do.

Like ice water splashed onto the face of a hallucinating man, the sharp reply brings a man back to his senses. Indeed, such ubiquitous sloganeering is built upon decades of theological dissent, very much the way landfill, when accumulated, creates mountains. The mountains sometimes rise very high, but what makes them seemingly mountainous is—garbage.

Sadly, such follies have settled so deeply into the Catholic soul that dislodging them is an almost Herculean task. All of it due to the assiduous efforts of a complicit theological elite who have controlled the levers of both universities and colleges for over half a century. They have left most Catholics with a throw-away religion, rendering them blind—not seeing what their eyes see.

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