Fr. Perricone: Is Christ a Magician?

Don’t laugh. Over the past sixty years, such questions were taken quite seriously. In the 1970s, Christ was depicted as a clown in a runaway-hit Broadway musical, Godspell, and as a hippy guru in Jesus Christ Superstar. These strange renderings became de rigueur in not a few Catholic parishes. All these enormities were not to … Read more

Fr. Perricone: Heaven Is Only in Heaven

No morning passes these days when a Catholic does not wake up to the unsettling presence of that two-headed beast that roams about our society: secularism. One of its heads is atheism—modern man’s passion to be god, and the other is utopianism—man’s other obsession to turn this world into some kind of heaven. These are … Read more

Rome, We Have a Problem

If ever there were an emergency message to Rome, this is it. It might have been the SOS a year ago as some bishops witnessed large numbers of other bishops using their pastoral canonical privilege to bypass the iron-fisted prescriptions of Traditionis Custodes. But it is certainly the frightened alert in light of the Extraordinary … Read more

Fr. Perricone: Is Opposition to Illegal Immigration a Sin?

To quickly answer the question asked by the title of this article: Of course not. But listening to most Church leaders today, a Catholic would think that it is one of those sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance (pardon that terribly antediluvian reference.) In fact, opposition to it is a mandate of both … Read more

All You Need Is Love?

This past half-century or so has seen the word love dragged through the mud. Once a queen; now a harlot. No surprise that beneath this strain the word has lost its luster. Repeated blows have so flattened its majesty that it can mean anything; and thus, it means nothing. In the past few years, this … Read more

Fr. Perricone: Four Simple Proposals For The USCCB’s Eucharistic Revival That Don’t Cost Millions of Dollars

Ominous. It is the only word which can adequately describe the 2020 Pew Research Study. It polled Catholics on their belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. Almost 70 percent polled said no. Chilling, but not surprising. Even a casual glance at parishioners receiving Holy Communion in most Catholic parishes reveals … Read more