Is Richard Dawkins More Catholic Than the Pope?

Over the weekend, The Stream was privileged to reprint a brilliant series recently by intelligent design scientist William Dembski on the evolution of Richard Dawkins. But the famous atheist didn’t progress by purely random mutations culled via natural selection from an amoeba to a primate. Nothing ever has. (Increasing numbers of biologists are reluctantly whispering … Read more

Mission Accomplished: The Rainbow Seamless Garment Is Suffocating the Church, as Intended

Over at The Christian Post, you’ll find a story that at first might depress you. On second thought, it ought to cheer you up. And then on deeper reflection, it should sober you profoundly, and remind you of the life-or-death, heaven-or-hell war in the trenches that all Christians are engaged in. From that story: Less … Read more

Dignitas Infinita: Vatican’s New Word Salad Contains Broken Glass

Dignitas Infinita Claims Deportation Is Just as Evil as Slavery There’s a new document from the Vatican, called Dignitas Infinita. It claims that by virtue of being created in God’s image, we each possess “infinite dignity” unaffected by original or even personal sin. So Hell is probably empty. And Christ really didn’t need to be … Read more

Francis and Caiaphas: A Tale of Two High Priests

One thing we know about Pope Francis: He has an unhealthy obsession with Judas. In his private apartments, a crude painting hangs which depicts the risen Jesus ministering to Judas’s body after his suicide. Francis has repeatedly mused that Judas might have been saved — in support of the suggestion that no one is finally … Read more

Cartels Use Kids, Biden Naps and Bishops Cash the Checks

NOTE: The amount of $122,574,428 illustrated in image above is the actual amount the USCCB received in federal grants and contracts for “Migration and Refugee Services” in 2022 (see USCCB financial statement, page 14). The Stream has reported frequently on how religious charities, especially those controlled by Catholic bishops, profit from each illegal immigrant they … Read more

The Pornocracy at the Vatican

I didn’t make up the word. “Pornocracy” is the term professional historians use to refer to a dark period in the papacy, in the 10th century when local Roman nobles picked the popes — and often fought each other in the streets to maintain control over the Vatican. The word literally means “rule by whores,” … Read more

Would Jesus Use Razor Wire at Borders? Would He Gaslight People with Dishonest ‘WWJD’ Arguments?

You’re seeing it already: the attempt to snap Christians’ spines and render us invertebrates, to leash us via our heartstrings, to shame us into silence about the Biden regime’s lawlessness at the border. As a Catholic, I’m used to this dreck. I’ve been inundated with open borders agitprop by professional Catholics for decades. Some of … Read more

Pope Francis’ Top Doctrine Cop Echoes Occultists Aleister Crowley and Margaret Sanger on the ‘Mystical’ Power of Sex

Editor’s Note: This article contains sexual language.  This is grim stuff, so let’s start off nice and easy. With a challenging little puzzle, like those silly “test your knowledge” posts you see on social media. Can you match the quotation below with the author? Each is speaking about the connection between human sexuality and access … Read more

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Bergoglio?

No, reader, I’m not asking for a practical answer for Catholics heartbroken, confused, or outraged by Pope Francis’ anti-Catholic statements and actions. While in centuries past, a Catholic emperor or council on rare occasions deposed an unworthy pope, that option was foreclosed by the end of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806—not to mention the … Read more

The Gay Persecution of Pastors Has Begun and It Will Only Get Worse, Thanks to Pope Francis

Well, that was quick. I wrote some 48 hours ago that Pope Francis had intentionally opened the floodgates of abuse against faithful Catholics — especially pastors — with the Vatican’s recent document directing priests to bless homosexual relationships in church. (Yes, the document was cleverly phrased, with just enough wiggle room to permit Catholic Scientologists … Read more