Swiss Priests Refuse to Sign New Code of Conduct Saying its an ‘Attempt to Implant LGBT Ideology’

A group of priests in the Swiss diocese of Chur has raised concerns over a new code of conduct for the prevention of assault, claiming that it violates “the doctrine and discipline of the Catholic Church” in several instances.

The clerics described the diocesan code as an attempt to “implant LGBT ideology in the Church under the guise of assault prevention, thereby undermining the Church’s doctrine of faith,” reported CNA Deutsch, CNA’s German-language news partner.

Bishop Joseph Bonnemain of Chur signed the code of conduct himself in early April.

In a letter to all parishes seen by CNA Deutsch, the bishop said that the code would be “binding for all leaders and employees from the middle of 2022 onwards.” The declaration of commitment would then be kept in the personnel file.

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