Fr. James Martin Claims Catholic Leaders ‘Contributed’ to Capitol Riots by Criticizing Democrats

Did Fr. Martin contribute to BLM summer riots when he offered the invocation at the Democratic National Convention?

Jesuit Father James Martin wrote this week that a number of Catholic bishops and priests stoked the January 6 Capitol riots by characterizing the Democratic Party as the “party of death,” for which they need to repent.

“Can anyone doubt that the moral calculus proposed by some Christian leaders, including Catholic priests and bishops, framed in the language of pure good versus pure evil, contributed to the presence of so many rioters brandishing overtly Christian symbols as they carried out their violence?” Father Martin wrote in a Jan. 12 article for America magazine titled “How Catholic Leaders Helped Give Rise to Violence at the U.S. Capitol.”

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The harsh language used by certain prelates and priests to describe the Democratic Party and its pro-abortion platform can lead “to anger at pastors, division in parishes, alienation from the church, hatred of candidates and elected officials, contempt for people who belong to one party, rage over election results, despair in the future of the country and, ultimately, to violence,” wrote Father Martin, who offered the invocation for the Democratic National Convention last August.

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