WATCH: Bishop Joseph Strickland Says Catholics Were Targeted by FBI Because They Are Pro-Life

  The FBI’s targeting of Catholics sounds “much more like Nazi Germany or communist Russia than the United States,” Bishop Joseph Strickland said. Breitbart News’s Matthew Perdie interviewed Strickland on Thursday at CPAC 2024 in National Harbor, Maryland, about the FBI’s investigation into traditional Catholic churches. As Breitbart News reported, a leaked memo last year from … Read more

Cardinal McElroy Claims Opponents of Homosexual Couple “Blessings” have an “Enduring Animus Towards LGBT Persons”

Opposition from U.S. Catholics to the recent Vatican declaration lifting a ban on blessing gay couples is the result of “an enduring animus among far too many toward LGBT persons,” Cardinal McElroy stated this weekend at the Religious Education Congress sponsored by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The cardinal caused an uproar in 2023 when … Read more

Bishops Help Deploy Major Migrant Crime Wave Across America

Catholic organizations are trafficking thousands of illegals across our nation. Sanctuary cities and their suburbs are experiencing a crime wave from migrants who are released by the Biden administration after illegally crossing the border between ports of entry. Police, particularly in the Chicago area and New York City, reported significant increases in crime related to … Read more

Pope Warns Human Gluttony Is ‘Killing the Planet’

Pope Francis offered an extended reflection on the sin of gluttony Wednesday, calling it “the most dangerous vice” because it is “killing the planet.” “The way we eat is the manifestation of something inner,” the pontiff said during his weekly general audience in the Vatican, “a predisposition to balance or immoderation; the capacity to give … Read more

Vatican ‘Orgasm-Gate’ May Be The Last Straw For Tucho

Writings from the Vatican’s controversial doctrinal czar exploring intimate details of male and female orgasm has been dubbed the last straw for his meteoric but scandal-ridden career. Víctor Manuel “Tucho” Fernández, a close personal friend and ghostwriter for Pope Francis, whom the pontiff called to Rome to lead the Vatican’s powerful doctrinal office, elevating him … Read more

Cardinal Dolan Lectures Catholics on Illegal Immigration

Catholics are rebelling against their religious leaders’ pro-migration policies, and the Catholic leadership must set them straight, Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York said in an interview on December 21 with the Catholic-run Center for Migration Studies (CMS). “We were about ready — [with] Catholic Charities — a year ago to turn that [empty New … Read more

Francis Under Fire from Black Christians

Pope Francis has met with stiff opposition from black Christian leaders after approving the blessing of gay couples. “We, your black Pentecostal brothers in the United States, standing in solidarity with our Catholic brothers in Africa and the diaspora,” begins an open letter to Pope Francis, are compelled to “condemn your decision to bless homosexual … Read more

Pope Francis: Italians Should Welcome Immigrants as ‘Sons and Daughters’

Pope Francis said Monday that immigrants are helping to replace Italy’s falling population and urged Italians to welcome them as their own children. “Immigrants help when they fit in well,” the pontiff told a group of government officials gathered in the Vatican. “Italy is a land where there is a lack of children, and migrants … Read more

Does Cardinal Gregory Care About the Salvation of Souls?

During a recent appearance on the channel’s Influential with Katty Kay, President Joe Biden’s former medical adviser said he identifies as Catholic but doesn’t go to church because his “personal ethics” are “enough.” As he walked and talked with the interviewer, Fauci pointed out the chapel where he and his wife were married in 1985. … Read more

Pope Francis to COP28: Climate Has ‘Run Amok,’ Planet ‘Overheating’

Pope Francis sent a message Saturday to the COP28 United Nations climate summit decrying the “unbridled exploitation” of the environment by first world nations. Climate change “greatly endangers all human beings,” the pontiff said in his sternly worded address, and “time is short” to react to the current ecological crisis. “It has now become clear … Read more