Gonzaga University to Host LGBT Law Clinic

This is the same Jesuit school that blocked Ben Shapiro from speaking and allowed priests accused of sexual abuse to reside on campus.

Gonzaga University’s plan to become the first Jesuit university to open a law clinic focused primarily on LGBT advocacy has raised “serious concerns” for Spokane’s Bishop Thomas Daly.

“While the Catholic tradition does uphold the dignity of every human being, the LGBT Rights law clinic’s scope of practice could bring the GU Law School into conflict with the religious freedom of Christian individuals and organizations,” the Spokane diocese said Feb. 19 in a statement to CNA.

“There is also a concern that Gonzaga Law School will be actively promoting, in the legal arena and on campus, values that are contrary to the Catholic faith and natural law.”

“Bishop Daly and the diocese are studying the issue further and will be discussing these serious concerns with the university administration,” the diocese added.

TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop Daly – thank him for expressing his concern about this develop and ask him to officially request that Gonzaga not proceed with the clinic.

Bishop Thomas Daly
Bishop of Spokane
P.O. Box 1453, Spokane WA  99210-1453

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