‘I Cannot Remain Silent’: Madison’s Bishop Catholic Bishop Condemns Destruction of Statues

In stark contrast to other bishops, Bishop Hying speaks-out against the mob. As rioters across the United States target statues depicting historical figures, the Bishop of Madison, Wisconsin on Tuesday denounced that destruction, along with calls to destroy some depictions of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgina Mary. RELATED STORY: Madison’s Day of Rage “Should … Read more

Archdiocese of Chicago Tweets Chart on ‘Covert White Supremacy’

A chart detailing “Covert White Supremacy”— which a Chicago archdiocese office shared online amid widespread protests against racism in the city and across the country— was shared without permission and does not reflect the Church’s values, the archdiocese told CNA Monday. The Chicago archdiocese’ Office of Human Dignity and Solidarity, which coordinates prison ministry, domestic … Read more

Gonzaga University to Host LGBT Law Clinic

This is the same Jesuit school that blocked Ben Shapiro from speaking and allowed priests accused of sexual abuse to reside on campus. Gonzaga University’s plan to become the first Jesuit university to open a law clinic focused primarily on LGBT advocacy has raised “serious concerns” for Spokane’s Bishop Thomas Daly. “While the Catholic tradition … Read more