North Dakota Dioceses Name 53 Catholic Officials Accused of Sexually Abusing Children

Catholic dioceses in North Dakota released on Thursday, Jan. 2, lists of clergy and religious members who have been accused of sexually abusing children, and prosecutors are investigating to determine whether criminal charges are warranted.

The Dioceses of Fargo and Bismarck issued the lists which include only allegations that church officials believe are credible.

The release of Fargo’s list comes after the diocese reviewed its files dating back to 1950. The list names 31 alleged offenders: priests and deacons, as well as non-ordained religious figures.

“It is my hope that this release of names will open the way to a purification of our Church, especially in our own diocese,” Fargo Bishop John Folda said in a statement. “We all know the experience of grace that comes with the confession of sins, and I pray that our diocese will experience a similar outpouring of grace through acknowledgement of these sinful acts by those in positions of authority.”

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