Amazonian Bishop: The Idol Worshiped In Vatican Was The Demon Pachamama

It was indeed the pagan goddess Pachamama that “was worshiped in the Vatican,” said Spanish-born Bishop José Luís Azcona Hermoso, 79, in a lengthy October 16 homily in the Cathedral of Belem (video).  Azcona is Bishop Emeritus of the diocese of Marajó, Para, Brazil.

Azcona compares Pachamama or Mother Earth with the Anatolian idol Cybele (Roman: Magna Mater) and the Babylonian Astarte, both expressing the female fertility.

According to Azcona, the prostrations in front of Pachamama, even performed by religious, in the Vatican Gardens constitute an “invocation of the mythical power of Mother Earth”. Azcona qualifies this as “demonic sacrileges” producing scandal “especially for the little ones”.

He called it “a lie” to claim that the statue represents Our Lady, “We do not make syncretistic mixtures.”

From Gloria TV