The Hollywood Whitewashing of Fr. James Martin

An exquisitely captured propaganda piece, and a glimpse of a distorted, rigid, inflexible “LGBTQ+” culture of unreality. Welcome to the newly released documentary film about Fr. James Martin, S.J., titled Building a Bridge, after Martin’s book of the same name. And welcome to an unquestioningly stubborn world of make-believe in which error is truth, evil … Read more

Openly “Gay” Priest’s Dissent Scandalizes Tennessee Parish

Like many Catholic faithful, some parishioners at Immaculate Conception Parish in Clarksville, Tennessee, have simply had enough. Their parish pastor, Fr. Stephen Wolf, is openly “gay.” He just got his fifteen minutes of fame as one of the subjects presented in the recent New York Times piece on “gay” priests. And Wolf is using his position in his … Read more

Why Was Pope Francis’ Comment About Homosexuality and Psychiatry Changed in the Official Transcript?

In many ways, actions speak louder than words. This is especially true when the action is the elimination of certain words. Such was the case with the Vatican’s recent removal of certain words from the official transcript of Pope Francis’ remarks during his in-flight press conference after his trip to Ireland for the World Meeting of Families on August … Read more