The Shepherds the Church Needs Now

Most Catholics understand the need to suspend public Masses, and many of us thank the bishops for following the directives of public officials. Not all of us, though. There are some who think it is never right to suspend public Masses, for a wide variety of reasons. It is not my purpose here to evaluate … Read more

Laxity in Seminaries as a Contributing Cause to the Sex-Abuse Crisis

“Hide the handsome ones.” That was what was “jokingly” said when Theodore McCarrick would visit seminaries. It disgusts me that such “jokes” — which clearly portrayed a reality — did not lead to a thorough investigation of McCarrick decades ago. The likely reason they did not was that, for decades, U.S. seminaries not only tolerated but recruited … Read more

Overcoming a Credibility Crisis

In a letter to the U.S. bishops on retreat, Pope Francis spoke of a “crisis of credibility.” This crisis is in full swing — not only in the U.S., but around the world and even in respect to the highest levels of the Church. Ours is a deeply wounded Church, one in desperate need of healing. … Read more