Synod Art Depicts Woman in Priestly Vestments, Person in ‘PRIDE’ T-Shirt

As a select group of Church representatives gather in Frascati, Italy this week, the Catholic Church’s “Synod on Synodality” enters its “continental phase.” Designated “experts” from five continents will meet until October 1 near Rome to review pages of summaries from the 2021- 2022 regional episcopal synods and produce from them one global synthesis document. … Read more

‘Devout Catholic’ Joe Biden Issues Executive Order to ‘Protect’ Abortion

President Joe Biden on Friday announced that he would defy the Supreme Court and state lawmakers by signing an executive order to federally “protect” and “expand access to” abortion. The Biden administration claimed in a briefing that the “only way” to secure women’s rights is through protecting Roe vs. Wade as “federal law.” The same … Read more

Notre Dame President Fr. Jenkins Mandates Experimental Gene Therapy Inoculation For All Students

Catholic Vote reports that Father John Jenkins expects all students to have the COVID inoculation prior to the 2021-2022 school year: In a Wednesday message, University President Rev. John Jenkins argued that vaccinations are important to “the local, national and global fight against COVID-19.” “Notre Dame will require all students – undergraduate, graduate, and professional … Read more