Gay Is Queer and Queer Is Gay

There is a campaign well underway to separate “good gay” from all those other icky iterations that sully “good gay.”

It goes a couple of different but related ways.

One is that the LGBs are just fine, but the Ts? No, the Ts are nuts and have never really been part of the LGBs. The Ts are a recent addition that somehow snuck up on the LGBs and has become the tail that wags the dog.

The other way is with Queer Theory. They say LGBs are not now and have never been a part of Queer. Queer is something different and dangerous.

What is this Queer Theory that the LGBs have never been a part of? Large-brained atheist James Lindsay explains it often,

Queer Theory believes that oppression (especially in gender, sex, sexuality, but also ability status, fat status, etc.) comes from being unfairly placed into an identity category one doesn’t believe fits them, or that limits them. Characterization limits one’s potentialities of beingness.

He says,

The imperative in Queer Theory is to make the categories of sex, gender, sexuality, etc., seems absurd, and inapplicable, meaningless, and or oppressive, and to disrupt and support them, usually by being intentionally flamboyantly absurd in exaggerating performances of them.

Rod Dreher explains that Queer Theorists want to “queer” everything, including “queering the beach” by holding a Fat Beach Day. Anyone who has been to Rehoboth in recent years must know that Fat Day is every day at the beach. But this is inadvertent and not queering. Queering is the deliberate subversion of the beach bod ideal.

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