Mission Accomplished: The Rainbow Seamless Garment Is Suffocating the Church, as Intended

Over at The Christian Post, you’ll find a story that at first might depress you. On second thought, it ought to cheer you up. And then on deeper reflection, it should sober you profoundly, and remind you of the life-or-death, heaven-or-hell war in the trenches that all Christians are engaged in. From that story: Less … Read more

California Priest Who Called for Removal of Archbishop Cordileone Declares He’s Homosexual

A Catholic priest in Oakland who previously called for Pope Francis to remove San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and other conservative prelates declared his homosexuality to his parishioners during a recent homily and admitted to an 11-year relationship with a man before being ordained, according to an essay he wrote for Fr. James Martin’s LGBT … Read more

German Bishop Attacks Church Teaching On There Being Only Two Sexes

A German bishop criticized Catholic teaching for “assuming there is only man and only woman” and demanded that the Church change its infallible doctrine on sexuality in the latest heterodox comments from the German hierarchy. Bishop Ludger Schepers, an auxiliary bishop for the Diocese of Essen, who serves as the “representative for queer pastoral care” … Read more

How Pope Francis Opened the Vatican to Transgender Sex Workers

Sea gulls soared over St. Peter’s Square as Laura Esquivel, clad in tight leather pants, aimed herself toward the high walls of the Holy See. “It’s not too much? My makeup?” she asked, self-consciously touching a rouged cheek. “I don’t care what people think. But this is the pope.” She hurried into the Vatican’s cavernous … Read more

Beware Of Papabile Who Can Be Blackmailed

After spending four years interviewing more than 1,500 cardinals, bishops, and priests, French sociologist Frederic Martel concluded that “80 percent of Vatican clerics are gay.”  Almost all of these homosexuals are living in the closet like Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill who was forced to resign as general secretary of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops … Read more

Bishops: Time to Resist the ‘Gender-Affirming’ Juggernaut

Your Excellencies, you certainly “cannot encourage” gender-altering surgery, because it is an offense against human dignity. But you could forthrightly oppose it. And you didn’t. The horror stories are going to multiply: A troubled girl says that she would like to be a boy, or a boy says he wants to be a girl. The … Read more

8 Ways to Resist Bad LGBT Policy at Catholic Colleges

Q. Do you have any advice for a parent who found out her child’s Catholic college is allowing biological men and women to room together if one or more of the students identifies as the opposite sex? St. Paul says in Ephesians, “Be angry but do not sin.” But he doesn’t say, “Don’t be angry!” … Read more

LISTEN: New Ways Ministries – Rainbow Wolves

Faithful Catholic writers have been sounding the alarm about an LGBT push to undermine the Church’s teachings from within. CatholicVote’s Catholic Accountability Project (CAP) decided to investigate those concerns. The report below is the result of CAP’s thorough research into one culprit – an organization named “New Ways Ministry.” What the investigation uncovered is nothing … Read more

Vatican Approves Pro-Homosexual Priest as Theology Dean at Italian College

The Vatican has approved a priest to become dean of theology in the Philosophical-Theological College in Brixen, less than one year after the Vatican rejected him for the position over his heterodox views on homosexuality. In a series of posts April 3, it was announced that Fr. Martin Lintner would assume the role of dean … Read more