Joe Hosts a Heretic

President Biden hosted a cadre of heretics at his St. Patrick’s Day party, including Fr. James Martin. Joe Biden is a heretic who eats and drinks his own spiritual death every time he unworthily takes Communion, which is all the time. So, it is unsurprising Old Joe hosted another well-known heretic, Fr. James Martin, S.J., … Read more

It Was Homosexual Abuse, Stupid!

The Catholic squad of the Sexual Left insists you agree that the priest sex abuse scandal has nothing to do with homosexuality. Nothing whatsoever. To say that the priest sex abuse scandal has anything to do with homosexuality is nothing short of “othering” and even homophobic violence.  They say this over against a mountain of … Read more

We Were Made for This Fight

In the film Full Metal Jacket, which is set during the Vietnam War, there is a scene where a platoon of American soldiers is pinned down by a sniper. Two soldiers have already been hit. They writhe in pain, and perhaps death throes, out in the open. The newly christened platoon leader, “Cowboy,” tells his … Read more

The Catholic Victims of Gender Ideology

It is hard to write about the victims of gender ideology, radical feminism, and the sexual revolution. After all, they are victims. But sometimes these victims take public positions that will lead others into the same type of tragic victimhood. And so today I write about two victims. It is also challenging to write about … Read more

These Wicked Men Have Made My Daughters Victims, Too

When Theodore McCarrick was spooning and fondling seminarians, quite obviously he did not consider how far his enormities would reverberate. At the General Judgement, he will be shown how far his despicable actions have reverberated through society and how they harmed the lives of people he has never met. At the General Judgement, he will know, … Read more

The Fetid Sea in Which They Swim

The gaying of the Church is perhaps the most diabolical attack the Devil has ever launched against the Catholic Faith. First, there is the massive damage done to the Church: the thousands of victims, the hundreds of millions in payouts, the bankruptcy of dioceses, the cratering of ecclesial credibility. And yet, in our society is there … Read more