Church in Slovakia Issues Landmark Abuse Report

The Catholic Church in Slovakia said Tuesday that it had received 68 abuse complaints since 1990, as it released its first comprehensive safeguarding report.

The 35-page report by the Slovak bishops’ commission for the protection of minors in the Church said that 39 of the 68 complaints had been confirmed and the cases closed.

Of the remaining 29 cases, 17 remained open, 7 were deemed “unresolvable,” and 5 were unconfirmed and the cases closed.

Fifty of the cases were lodged in Slovakia’s Latin Rite dioceses, while 3 were from the country’s Greek Catholic eparchies (dioceses) and 15 were from religious orders.

The highest number of annual cases was in 2019, when 16 complaints were recorded. There were 8 complaints in 2022 and 6 in 2023.

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