Catholic University Brought in ‘Abortion Doula’ Who Coaches ‘Pregnant Men’ Through Giving Birth

A self-declared “abortion doula” spoke this week to Catholic University of America students about her experiences coaching women through delivering or aborting babies, as well as coaching “pregnant men” to deliver in what she called a “seahorse birth,” according to audio of the class lecture obtained by The Daily Signal.

A Catholic University nursing student described Tuesday’s lecture to The Daily Signal, saying the guest speaker said she also practices Reiki, a controversial Japanese method of spiritual healing and self-improvement.

The Roman Catholic school confirmed that the doula spoke to the class, said she didn’t represent the school’s values, and vowed that she wouldn’t speak to the class again.

“It was really unsettling,” nursing student Felipe Avila, 20, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview Friday. “The fundamental point is to understand human development from conception to natural death, right? And they brought in someone who counsels women to terminate life.”

Psychology lecturer Melissa Goldberg invited the doula, Rachel Carbonneau, to address her class, titled Psychology 379: Lifespan Development.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact CUA’s president, Dr. Peter Kilpatrick, and let him know what you think about this event taking place on a Catholic college campus.