Pagans Worship Sex – Christians Worship God

Pagans worship sex and the body. Christians worship God. Alone. The pornographic cult, which has seized power in Rome, and which centers around the sexual act and the body as it relates to coition, is forbidden as sinful for Christians.

Are the agents of disorder and subversion in the Vatican attempting to substitute the idolatry of a sex cult for the true faith? Worship of the body and the sexual function apart from marriage and procreation is pagan. Pagans are closed in on nature apart from Revelation. Pagan cults are deprived of the supernatural, imprisoned within the “eternal return” of the seasons, of birth and death. Christians, on the other hand, always preserve a reverent and chaste attitude and comportment surrounding the sacred marital bond. All is subject to the holiness of life without which one cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

“Tucho,” the man Francis has placed in charge of doctrine at Rome, appears now to be the author of multiple texts about sexual function and the cult of the body. First, the book on kissing. Denials and then admissions. Next orgasms. This time, admission and a statement that “Francis knew.” Now, more. Additional writings have now surfaced that go a long way toward establishing a career-long obsession with sex. By a celibate man. Let that sink in. These inverted musings upon the sexual function are isolated from, and contrary to, their ordering by the Creator toward life and procreation, toward the infusing of an immortal soul into another “imago Dei.”

Are the homosexualist men with whom Francis has surrounded himself in Rome charged with seeding the Church with an alien sex cult? The pile of evidence is mounting to an undeniable degree that these agents of evil, led by “Tucho,” may not even be Christian at all.

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