Catholic Meloni Blocks ‘Catholic’ Biden’s G7 Abortion

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni hosted the world’s most powerful leaders in Italy last week, and reportedly made a few foes over a flap involving the removal of abortion language from the G7’s final declaration of priorities. But here in the United States, she’s winning praise from pro-life Americans, including former Vice President Mike Pence, founder … Read more

Bishop Stowe Doubles Down, Praises Woman as ‘Transgender’ Male Monk

The Catholic Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky, issued a statement on Tuesday praising a woman who identifies as a transgender man. The diocese statement not only used male pronouns to refer to this biological female, it also noted that Bishop John Stowe had “accepted” the woman’s decision. The bishop is “grateful to Brother Christian for his … Read more

Catholic University Fires Professor Who Brought in ‘Abortion Doula’

Catholic University confirmed to The Daily Signal that it has terminated the contract of the professor who invited a self-declared “abortion doula” to speak to students about coaching women through abortions and “pregnant men” through a “seahorse birth.” Catholic University President Peter Kilpatrick announced to students on Jan. 30 that the university “terminated our contract … Read more

Catholic University Brought in ‘Abortion Doula’ Who Coaches ‘Pregnant Men’ Through Giving Birth

A self-declared “abortion doula” spoke this week to Catholic University of America students about her experiences coaching women through delivering or aborting babies, as well as coaching “pregnant men” to deliver in what she called a “seahorse birth,” according to audio of the class lecture obtained by The Daily Signal. A Catholic University nursing student described … Read more

Catholic All-Girls College Will Admit Men Who Identify as Trans Women

Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, will begin allowing men who identify as women to enroll at the college in the fall of 2024, an email obtained by The Daily Signal shows. President Katie Conboy told faculty in an email sent Tuesday afternoon that “Saint Mary’s will consider undergraduate applicants whose sex assigned at birth … Read more

Bishops’ Heads About To Explode As Congress Introduces Bill To Cut-Off Funding Their Illegal Immigration Activities

The Left has intentionally chosen emotional weapons to achieve its open-borders agenda—asylum, unaccompanied alien children, “humanitarian parole,” and nongovernmental organizations, particularly faith-based groups. The Left made the correct calculation that the Right would be too afraid to criticize left-wing groups’ use of such weapons, let alone shut down the Left’s abuse of them. It’s that … Read more

Villanova Students Required to Read Graphic Trans Sex Scene Between Minors, Student Says

An English seminar class at Villanova University reportedly required students to read a play depicting a graphic sex scene between minors, one of whom identifies as transgender. Jennifer Joyce teaches the Core Literature and Writing Seminar Class at Villanova, ENG 1975-020, titled Narratives of Belonging in Contemporary Irish Literature. The specific class is one of … Read more

Laity Takes the Lead in Educating Priests on Worthy Reception of the Holy Eucharist

Tens of thousands of clergy members will soon receive a copy of Cardinal Raymond Burke’s firm but clear instructions to Catholic priests and bishops on when to deny someone Holy Communion. “The Church cannot remain silent and indifferent to a public offense against the Body and Blood of Christ,” a book with the instructions says. … Read more

Blame Catholic Charities and NGOs for the Border Crisis

Catholic Charities and other non-governmental organizations are working in concert with the Biden administration to facilitate the worst border crisis in American history, according to an investigation that examined the movement of 30,000 mobile devices in the United States. The shocking report is a snapshot of the border crisis over the course of just one … Read more