What’s Happening in Argentina? Second Bishop Resigns Before Installation

Pope Francis accepted the resignation Jan. 17 of 62-year-old Bishop Gustavo Larrazábal, 35 days after he appointed him as Bishop of Mar del Plata, in eastern Argentina, and just three days before Larrazábal’s installation.

The pope had nominated Larrazábal on the day that he accepted the resignation of 65-year-old Bishop José María Baliña, 22 days after he had named him as the head of the diocese serving around 774,000 Catholics.

The Vatican did not provide reasons for the resignations of either bishop. But Baliña said in a Dec. 5 letter to Catholics in Mar del Plata that he had struggled following surgery for a retinal detachment and had decided to resign “after further discernment and consultation with the Holy See.”

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