Oh Joy! Homosexualist James Martin To Address World Youth Day Participants

The prominently pro-LGBT Jesuit Father James Martin is set to address participants of World Youth Day, as he joins the Jesuit team who are hosting a series of events in the official World Youth Day (WYD) program.

Martin revealed his update via a July 27 social media post, stating that he was set to speak at the Jesuit’s pre-WYD Magis event, before speaking at WYD itself.


World Youth Day runs from August 1 through 6, in Lisbon, Portugal, with Pope Francis set to join the young people for over half of the multi-day event. It is comprised of numerous activities, prayer sessions, conferences, music workshops and informal conferences and meetings.

Underpinning the key events of each day is the “Youth Festival,” which runs throughout the entire day, and offers participants various options of activities to join. It is in some of these that Martin will encounter the WYD pilgrims, since the Jesuits are organizing numerous events at the Largo da Misericórdia.

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