WATCH: Catholic Bishops Accused of Aiding Human Smugglers With Migrant ‘Charity’

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has been receiving taxpayer money in order to subsidize the travel and lodging of migrants for decades while enabling the human trafficking crisis on the Southern Border.

Last Thursday, the Catholic watchdog Church Militant held a press conference with the Deposit of Faith Coalition, a group of different Christian-conservative activists that are calling for the “defunding” of the USCCB over the leftist policies being pushed among the bishops.  The event included a panel of many speakers pointing out various left-wing political causes that the USCCB has been supporting, including unchecked illegal immigration.

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Sheena Rodriguez, founder of the Alliance for a Safe Texas, an organization that fights human trafficking and advocates for a secure border, spoke on to the panel about the role the USCCB plays in facilitating the importation of migrants from the border, saying she believes that USCCB bishops are participating in trafficking for the millions of dollars that they receive from the U.S. government, and that no one is keeping track of how the money is being spent.

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Rep. Cammack Exposes Trafficking of Migrant Children

US Bishops are complicit in this type of trafficking of migrant children.