WATCH: Pope Benedict’s Papal Biographer Blasts Pope Francis

Last week, a bombshell went off in Catholic media.

Peter Seewald, the official biographer of the late Pope Benedict XVI, accused Francis of being an “authoritarian” attempting to “break out” of Catholic Tradition, and warned that Francis’ recent appointments, especially Archbishop Victor Emmanuel Fernandez as the Vatican’s doctrinal chief, could lead to a “flood” that “destroys” the rest of the Church in Europe.

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He also says that when Francis issued Traditionis custodes, limiting the permissions that Benedict made for the Latin Mass in Summorum Pontificum, it was as a “stab in the heart” for Benedict from which he never recovered.

On this episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, I am joined by LifeSite’s own Jim Hale and Andreas Wailzer to discuss what could be a watershed moment in the Francis pontificate.

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