Wow! Can’t you just see him snapping his fingers? They are all saying the quiet part out loud now. I guess they figured it worked for Germany, so why not? Pope Francis should understand this is really how the hypocritical Catholic left really sees him. He’s their lap dog, a tool for them to get all their pet sins approved and nothing more. “Get to it, Pope!” Again, wow. I wonder if, some days, Pope Francis thinks, “I totally sided with the wrong people”? Would he rather have this: “The sending of the letter to His Holiness Pope Francis by four cardinals derives from a deep pastoral concern.” or this: “Pope Francis, you have two years to remake the US hierarchy. Get to it.”?

I’ve been saying this for a while: Pope Francis has been told that Cardinal Cupich can deliver us. However, I’m sure he is in enough of a papal bubble to not know how much Cardinal Cupich is disliked by us, or even why. He’s quite polarizing. He’s literally such a tyrant that many of the run of mill pew sitters finally had their eyes opened. How do I know? I get notes from them all the time. They just want to go to Mass. They’re doing their corporal works of mercy like they’ve been doing for decades, and then they get whacked on the head by something their bishop says. They don’t want to think negatively about their bishops but, sadly, they can’t ignore the atrocities anymore. That’s a bad thing and, yet, not a bad thing. Being from California, I know they can fight against it and win, but they need to know that, too. And, yes, bishops/cardinals can be evil. Let’s all remember McCarrick and those who championed him, especially almost all of our current cardinals. Let’s remember Cardinal Mahony and his ilk. It’s time to whip out the old saying, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” We need all good men. We need to listen to St. Catherine of Siena: “WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH EXHORTATIONS TO BE SILENT! CRY OUT WITH A HUNDRED THOUSAND TONGUES: I SEE THE WORLD IS ROTTEN BECAUSE OF SILENCE.” Now is the time, people. Don’t let others tell you that you must be silent, that you’re a big meanie or schismatic. Believe me, they will. The Catholic left, who will tell you that in a heartbeat, clearly isn’t silent. I think the message should be made very clearly – #CupichCannotDeliverUs. Wouldn’t it be fun to see that trending?

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