Open Letter to Priests from Young Catholic: Why Don’t You Do Anything Against the Ruin of Eucharistic Worship?

Republished and translated from from Aldo Maria Valli. NOTE: A young reader, who unfortunately does not wish to sign his name (but why? What are you afraid of?) sent me this “Open letter to priests to reiterate the authentic message of Fatima, distorted by the post-conciliar Church”.  I gladly propose it to you all. Dear … Read more


Wow! Can’t you just see him snapping his fingers? They are all saying the quiet part out loud now. I guess they figured it worked for Germany, so why not? Pope Francis should understand this is really how the hypocritical Catholic left really sees him. He’s their lap dog, a tool for them to get … Read more

ONE MAD MOM: Bishops, I Want To See You Be BRAVE!

Dear Bishops, We’re about to head into the Fall meeting of the USCCB. Most of us are thinking “Oh, joy.” since it’s usually a train wreck in the mind of those who pay attention to it. Quite honestly, though, most pew sitters don’t even know it’s happening. Last spring, however, some of us actually got … Read more

‘Awake And Do Your Duty’: A Hermit’s Open Letter to Catholic Bishops Amid Abuse Crisis

Cardinal Maradiaga has accused Edward Pentin of being a “hitman” who is the “enemy of reform.”  This preposterous accusation comes from one of the Pope’s closest advisers. The mind simply boggles at this kind of language, which ill befits a Prince of the Church. I use this term advisedly, because this is the Achilles’ heel … Read more