Vatican Goes Dark for Earth Hour, Symbolizing Membership in ‘Church of Environmentalism’

On Sunday, March 26,  St. Peter’s Basilica went dark for Earth Hour. Somewhere, Pachamama is smiling. 

Earth Hour began in 2007 in Australia when more than 2.2 million souls denied themselves electricity for a whopping 1/24th of the day to express their shared concern for “climate change.” Immediately thereafter, they returned to their normal (sinful?) energy consumption rates. The Vatican has participated in this quasi-pagan act of mortification every year since at least 2009.

The godless United Nations — which Paul VI once called mankind’s “last hope for peace” — has been one of Earth Hour’s biggest cheerleaders. Its inquisitors have successfully coerced nearly every global landmark into supporting it. The Eiffel Tower, Moscow’s St. Basil’s Cathedral, and even Rio De Janero’s Christ the Redeemer Statue have all dimmed their lights as a sign of their willingness to offer incense to the green agenda in recent years. 

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