Wow! Can’t you just see him snapping his fingers? They are all saying the quiet part out loud now. I guess they figured it worked for Germany, so why not? Pope Francis should understand this is really how the hypocritical Catholic left really sees him. He’s their lap dog, a tool for them to get … Read more

Yet Another Hypocritical Lecture from Jimmy Martin’s America Magazine

Brace yourselves! Another “catholic” article in America Magazine. They’re really just dropping the façade as of late. I hope the next step is for bishops to start writing their own responses to this crud. Editor’s note: This article is part of The Conversation with America Media, offering diverse perspectives on important and contested issues in … Read more

Cardinal Tobin’s Twist on Heresy

I’ve been busy and didn’t have time to deal with this one until now, but it seems like there’s a fun new spin on heresy that we’re starting to see from the liberals. Apparently, they also prepped Cardinal Tobin well enough that he could finally string it together. Dan “The Horan of Babylon” floated it … Read more

Cardinal Cupich on a Rampage

I’m loving this priest more by the second. Quite frankly, this is how it’s done! January 17, 2022 Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Stanislaus Kostka, I write with a deep-felt sorrow that my letter to Bishop Lombardo dated January 13, 2022 was interpreted by social media as though I was being unjustly critical of, … Read more

ONE MAD MOM: Bishops, I Want To See You Be BRAVE!

Dear Bishops, We’re about to head into the Fall meeting of the USCCB. Most of us are thinking “Oh, joy.” since it’s usually a train wreck in the mind of those who pay attention to it. Quite honestly, though, most pew sitters don’t even know it’s happening. Last spring, however, some of us actually got … Read more

Cardinal Cupich’s Week From Hell

Now more than ever we need to pray and make reparation for the Archdiocese of Chicago. Let’s just look at ONE week in review. Maybe you won’t think my title question too out there. One is totally free to wonder what in the heck is wrong with him. Sacrilege of the Eucharist is far and … Read more

The Sheer Panic Caused by Fr. Altman

Fr. Altman’s video is causing quite a panic in the lives of those Catholics who would mislead the faithful. They are in full out damage control. It’s like they’ve been collectively doused with Holy Water. First up, the ever-whining Fr. James “I’ve never met a doctrine I disagree with that I won’t hide from the … Read more