Marquette University: The Transgender Grinder

Jesuit universities are notorious for promoting the spiritual mutilation of students. Now, we learn that at least one of them is promoting physical mutilation as well.

In the dark recesses of its website, Marquette University, which still markets (and prices) itself as Catholic, has posted a “Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Health Resources” document. The PDF provides a number of links that steer students only deeper into the delusion, brutality and hell that is “transgenderism.”

The initial listings are links to standard-fare university-based resources readily accessible on Marquette’s website — all, of course, are utterly devoid of any actual Catholic teaching regarding things like natural law, human nature, human sexuality or reason. The page then provides visitors with lists of “community support services,” “psychotherapists” and “support groups” — all in full compliance with the militant LGBTQIAETCETC agenda.

In some sense, all of this is nothing new. Marquette and other Jesuit institutions have been baiting-and-switching students and their families for decades — promising a Catholic education but providing instead the latest ravings of the sexual revolution.

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