Education Culture Wars Come for ‘Woke’ Catholic Schools

The culture wars over critical race theory , gender theory , and coronavirus protocols that ignited a nationwide movement of parent activism have spread beyond public education.

Once seen as a refuge from activist public school teachings and pandemic closures, Catholic schools are in the midst of their own internal struggles of whether to wade into cultural touchstone debates or hold firm to religious teachings.

“The reality is these are very troubling times, within and outside the church,” Bishop Thomas Daly of the Diocese of Spokane said in an interview with the Washington Examiner. “[It’s a] challenge when we have Catholic schools, Catholic bishops, religious orders, and institutions within the church who have, quite frankly, gone ‘woke.'”

“When the church goes down the path of ‘wokeism’ … we are unfaithful to Christ’s mission that he’s entrusted the church … [and] we cause [great] harm.”

The Catholic cultural tension hit a tipping point last month, when Bishop Robert McManus, the prelate of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts, barred the Nativity School in his diocese from identifying as a Catholic school. The offense: flying gay pride and Black Lives Matter flags on school grounds.

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