Resigning Employees Call for Change at Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire

Two prominent Catholic writers and speakers have resigned from the Word on Fire media apostolate, adding to recent charges that calls for a reform of communications and organizational culture have gone unheard, and that an investigation into sexual misconduct on the part of a former employee was mishandled.

“We believe in the mission and the principles of Word on Fire, but not at all costs, and definitely not at the expense of our mental health,” wrote Jackie and Bobby Angel, in a May 9 resignation letter obtained by The Pillar.

“Any ministry that speaks truth with love will receive spiritual attack, but it is poor leadership, communication, and organizational principles that brought us here.”

The married couple, well-known Catholic authors and speakers, were appointed fellows of the Word on Fire Institute, a branch of Word on Fire, in early 2020: Jackie Angel as the fellow of family life and Bobby Angel as the fellow of parish life.

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