WATCH: ‘Catholic’ University Students Attempt To Oust Priest For Defending Catholic Teaching

While 2020’s radical Portland riots are still fresh in the minds of Americans, trouble is now brewing at a local so-called Catholic university. Church Militant’s Aidan O’Connor takes a closer look at the University of Portland’s woke witch trial. Students of the University of Portland are ganging up against a school chaplain for resisting leftist ideology.

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The mob is calling for the removal of Fr. Dan Parrish, an associate professor at the university. Leaked emails revealed that Fr. Parrish voiced concern over a gay-pride flag hanging in Lund Family Hall and a proposed inclusion statement for the university. Students and faculty began a campaign to oust Fr. Parrish. They tried to articulate his offenses earlier this month.

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TAKE ACTION: Contact acting president Herbert Medina at 503.943.7105 to express your concerns about student Catholic formation at University of Portland.