The Complicit Silence of the Bishops

After two years of lockdowns and coercion, the President is poised to impose a vaccination mandate with the power of law. The Supreme Court will soon render a final decision on whether the State has this power. Regardless of the outcome, many restrictions will remain and new mandates can be imposed.

As an attorney who represents employees, I have spoken with many who are suffering from the mandates imposed by governments and the businesses doing the State’s bidding. These people have had their futures cast into doubt and fear they will be unable to provide for themselves and their families.

We have all played a part in creating and sustaining the culture of fear that has led to these mandates, and our compliance ensures that this all continues. Fortunately, more and more ordinary people understand this and are beginning to resist. That is good, but it will not be enough.

We need our leaders in the State and in the Church to stand with us. Whatever your station, but especially if you are a leader, think about what you have done and what you have not done during the past two years. If you have not openly opposed these mandates, I beg you to reflect upon what happens when the good fail to act.

While the President’s mandate currently allows those who refuse the vaccine to be masked and tested as an alternative, and there is the possibility of receiving a religious exemption, there are currently many lawyers hard at work developing arguments to require vaccination regardless.

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