Demand the Resignation of Bishop Joseph Bambera

Only months after the Scranton diocese suffered an underage sexting scandal with one of its staffers, another Scranton insider — this time a star priest — was busted targeting boys through Tinder. In this investigation, Christine Niles reveals yet another strand in the homosexual fabric under Bp. Joseph Bambera. Learn more at Church Militant.

Send a message to Bishop Bambera and the United States Papal Nuncio calling for the bishop’s resignation.


Petition Calling for the Resignation of Bishop Joseph Bambera

Church Militant\'s Special Report on sexual abuse in the diocese of Scranton published on November 9, 2021 shows that Bishop Joseph Bambera has failed in his responsibility to remove sexually deviant personnel from his diocese. His failure has likely resulted in the abuse of numerous individuals. I do hereby call for the immediate resignation of Bishop Bambera as Bishop of Scranton.

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