Oops. Vatican’s McCarrick Report Catches Pope Francis Taking ‘Tiny Liberties With The Truth’

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, now that the din of the McCarrick Report has died down a bit – the report written by the Secretariat of State ad usum Delphini – I will softly allow myself to glean from a few details, which however are not details. We all recall the interview that Valentina Alazraki gave to him, and her question about McCarrick and Viganò. Valentina asked:

There are some who continue to think that it’s true and continue to wonder whether you knew or not about McCarrick. In the press there are obviously all sorts of things being said .

“I knew nothing, obviously, of McCarrick. Nothing, nothing. I said several times that I didn’t know, that I had no idea. You know that I didn’t know anything about McCarrick; otherwise, I would not have stayed quiet. The reason for my silence was first of all that the proofs were there; I said to you all: “Judge for yourselves.” It was truly an act of trust. And then, regarding what I said to you about Jesus, that in moments of fury one cannot speak, because it is worse. Everything goes against it. The Lord has shown us this path, and I follow it.”

Now, let’s also recall that on June 23, 2013, when Archbishop Viganò had an audience with the new pope, it was Bergoglio who brought up McCarrick, not the Nuncio. The Pope asked him something like this: “What is McCarrick like?” And in fact after the interview, Archbishop Viganò declared: “He is pretending that he does not recall what I told him about McCarrick, and he is pretending that he wasn’t the one who asked me about McCarrick in the first place.” And Viganò concluded: “That the Pope would say that he did not know anything is a lie.” Now, we know that this Pope, alas, permits himself, shall we say, tiny liberties with the truth, both the truth of the past as well as the truth of intentions.

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