Bergoglio Out Of Control, Censorship Is Activated

Communication incidents are many. Words misunderstood and misinterpreted, others uttered without imagining the consequences (often diplomatic), or speeches modified on the fly that have gone on to cause havoc. If we analyze these eleven years of pontificate, authentic blizzards arise that have forced Pope Francis to run for cover with his entourage determined to patch … Read more

“Sedemenefreghismo”: Nine Theologians Weigh-In on State of Affairs Under Francis

“Sedemenefreghismo” is an invented Italian word based on the word “sedevacantism” which means “holding that the (Holy) See (sede) is vacant” and “me ne frega,” meaning, “I don’t care” (link), so that this invented word could be translated as “I don’t care at all whether the (Holy) See (is vacant or not)” THESIS “SEDEMENEFREGHISTA” Aware … Read more

Archbishop Viganò: In Defense of Women’s Monasteries of Contemplative Life

Statement in Defense of Convents of Religious Sisters of Contemplative Life With profound sorrow and strong indignation, I follow the events related to the Apostolic Visitations that the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life is carrying out in various Convents of contemplative women religious in the United States. The manner … Read more

Pachamama as a Monstrance

Just when you thought it could not get worse, Marco Tosatti files this report at Stilum Curiae: Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, it is really true that truth is stranger than fiction. If I had read in a dystopian novel about the Neo-Church that instead of a monstrance they would use a pagan … Read more

Cloistered Nun Writes to Archbishop Viganò: Preparations Being Made for Manifestation of the Antichrist

Most Reverend Excellency Monsignor Carlo Viganò, I am a cloistered religious sister, and I am writing to you after a conversation I had with our spiritual Father. Our conversation concerned your latest “Appeal” which has gone around the world to awaken consciences about the imminent danger that is underneath the mask of the “coronavirus” emergency. … Read more

Marco Tosatti: The Battle of Joseph Ratzinger

The fact that Benedict XVI is still living and witnessing what is transpiring today in the Church is perhaps a mystery of the Faith. First as cardinal and then as pope, Ratzinger was the Churchman who fought the most against the “self-destruction of the Church by her own ministers.” Today he is witnessing the momentary … Read more

The Pope of the Pachamamas

So, he did it again. But this time with even greater arrogance than the previous one. In a nutshell: he organized a local synod – which should have been carried out locally, to examine locally any local problems of a situation involving a few million faithful on the three hundred million million of the terraqueous … Read more