When Shepherds Abandon Their Sheep

UPDATE: Bishop Coerver flipflops on confession ban after Governor tells churches they’re ‘essential services’

The worldwide situation is serious.  The underlying illness causing the situation is also serious.

But the attitude of most bishops in most affected countries is simply despicable, repugnant, deserving all our contempt and disdain. Not content with having thrown the faithful for decades to the care of sexual abusers, now, in the moment of greatest need, they simply abandon us.

The suspension of large gatherings (including public masses) is quite understandable. But the other measures are abusive, and a sign of the complete disregard of these wolves who pretend to be shepherds for the souls of the faithful.

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TAKE ACTION: Let Bishop Coerver know what you think about his decision to effectively ban all sacraments in his diocese.

Bishop Robert M. Coerver
Bishop of Lubbock
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