Idaho Bishop Bans Mass ‘Ad Orientem’

While the traditional Latin Mass is growing prolifically in Idaho and elsewhere, the bishop of Boise has forbidden priests from facing east, using Communion rails or incorporating traditional elements when offering Novus Ordo Mass.

Published in the March-April issue of the Idaho Catholic Register is a February memo from Bp. Peter Christensen clarifying liturgical practices in the diocese, ostensibly to “reduce confusion among the faithful and the increasing disinformation regarding liturgical matters” and “promote harmony and unity.”

Though stating he thinks priests who prefer offering Mass ad orientem (facing east) mean well, Christensen banned the practice in his diocese.

“Priests in the diocese of Boise will face the people when presiding at the Ordinary Form of the Mass: Paragraph 299 in the General Instruction to the Roman Missal [GIRM] makes it plain that the universal Church envisions the priest presiding at Mass facing the people,” he stated.

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Bishop Peter F. Christensen
Bishop of Boise
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