FrancisChurch Normalizes the LGBT Ethos

The other day I received a call from someone asking me if I knew that the press spokesman for the Paulist Fathers is in a gay marriage. I checked it out and sure enough the caller was right. Paul Snatchko has served as director of marketing and communications for the Paulist Fathers for over four years. In 2013, Snatchko entered into a gay marriage. He spoke to the press about it, telling the Observer-Reporter that the “way same-sex marriage is happening is very healthy. It’s happening state-by-state. People are having conversations in their communities and with their families.” (Snatchko did not return my call.)

That the Paulist Fathers hired as their spokesman someone in a gay marriage would have once been a major scandal. But in the Church of Pope Francis, it barely elicits a shrug. In ways big and small, FrancisChurch has been normalizing the LGBT ethos. Not a week passes without some churchman mouthing PC pieties to it.

In early February, Jesuit Father James Martin, the leading proponent of LGBT causes in the Church, was asked by the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities to speak to Catholic educators about incorporating LGBT causes into their schools. Martin, according to the Washington Post, urged the Catholic presidents to promote “inclusion, such  as allowing students to pick their pronouns and holding up openly gay staff as role models.”

Almost all of the bishops around Pope Francis subscribe to this agenda. Many of them have invited Martin into their dioceses to spread his propaganda.

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