Notre Dame President Defends Drag Shows on ‘Catholic’ Campus

The president of a self-described Catholic university is endorsing controversial drag shows on campus, despite students’ protests. Ahead of a drag show “symposium” scheduled for November 3rd at the University of Notre Dame, the school’s president Fr. John Jenkins is defending the perverse performances as a matter of “academic freedom” and “freedom of expression.” Students … Read more

The Synodal Spirit: Dissent Against Doctrine

The fruits of the “synodal spirit” infecting the Catholic Church are revealing themselves: dissent and division. In a letter dated late last month, Berlin’s archbishop Heiner Koch gave priests of his archdiocese permission to bless same-sex unions, in direct defiance of the Vatican’s repeated clarifications. Back in March, the final meeting of the German Synodal … Read more

Pope Watch: Buckle Up for the End Times

Keep your eyes on Pope Francis the next few days. You may have noticed two dominant stories on the pope this week. One concerns his visit to Mongolia, arriving on Aug. 31 and staying through the weekend, returning to Rome on Sept. 4. The other involves controversial statements he made praising the “Great Russia” of … Read more

New Cracks in the Rock of Peter

Maybe more Church leaders should heed the old slogan, “What would Jesus do?” Last week, a major Catholic college, the University of San Diego, banned conservative influencer Matt Walsh from speaking on campus. Walsh is perhaps the preeminent opponent of transgender insanity. His documentary, What Is a Woman?, garnered at least 300 million viewers, and … Read more

Woman Featured in Viral WYD Photo Speaks-Out

The most recent World Youth Day in Lisbon, Portugal, wrapped up a week ago. Although Pope Francis has touted the event as the best-organized World Youth Day to date, it was not without controversy. Most notably, a photo went viral on social media depicting several young Catholics kneeling before stacks of plastic storage bins in … Read more

Cardinal-Elect Aguiar: ‘We Don’t Want to Convert the Young People to Christ’

Pope Francis recently appointed Bishop Americo Aguiar of Lisbon, Portugal to the College of Cardinals. Vatican watchers noted that Francis’s incardinating an auxiliary bishop like Aguilar instead of his superior was an extraordinary move. Aguiar is the coordinator of this year’s World Youth Day (WYD), the annual global gathering of Catholic young people. The bishop-turned-cardinal … Read more

Portland Archbishop Reclaims Catholic Schools

Catholic bishop is reclaiming Catholic schools in the face of leftist revolt. Two Portland, Oregon, Catholic school principals have resigned after Archbishop Alexander Sample issued guidelines on gender and sex earlier this year, mandating students use bathrooms and wear uniforms in correspondence with their biological sexes and banning teachers and other students from using “preferred … Read more

Archbishop John Wester Calls Catholic LGBTQ Voices ‘Prophetic’

Archbishop John C. Wester of the Sante Fe diocese called the voices of LGBTQ Catholics “prophetic” at Outreach 2023, an LGBTQ Catholic ministry conference hosted by America Magazine. The conference “gathers LGBTQ lay people, clergy, scholars, artists, educators, students, and family members to build community, share best practices and worship together,” according to Outreach’s website. … Read more

Don’t Just Blame the Dodgers: Blame the Collapse of Catholic Fidelity

As the debate continues to rage over Los Angeles Dodgers’ honoring of the “good works” performed by the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” — a group that has spent the last four decades denigrating Catholic religious nuns by dressing in drag and performing obscene gestures at Gay Pride parades — most of the criticism is directed … Read more