Pope Francis and James Martin – Who Is Using Who?


A controversy has erupted over a story published by Catholic News Agency (CNA) stating that Pope Francis express his displeasure with Fr. James Martin at a meeting of American bishops earlier this month.  Two bishops — Archbishop John Wester and Bishop Steven Biegler in attendance at that meeting subsequently came forward to dispute CNA’s reporting on the event.  Then Bishop Aquila weighed-in with his account of the meeting.

But this controversy between bishops over whether Pope Francis expressed anger about Fr. James Martin misses the bigger question:

If Pope Francis isn’t angry about being used by Fr. James Martin, why not?

Its pretty obvious Fr. Martin has been exploiting his private meeting with the Pope to advance his LBGTQ+ agenda.  If the Pope isn’t angered by Martin’s exploitation, then we need to ask why not?  Does this mean he agrees with Martin’s distortions of the truth?  Does Francis actually WANT Martin out on the road promoting this agenda?

One of our supporters recently attended a James Martin speaking event at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Minneapolis.  St. Joan of Arc is a notorious pro-LGBT+ parish that has been disciplined by the Archdiocese numerous times.  Listen to the excerpts of Fr. Martin’s talk — then decide for yourself — who is using who?