Buckle Up, Monsignor Harrison!

You may recall that last summer, Monsignor Craig Harrison filed a lawsuit against Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF), stating:

A case has been filed in the Kern County Superior Court and is the first in a series of legal actions to restore the reputation and good name of Monsignor Craig Harrison and to hold accountable these defendants for their false, malicious and reckless accusations.

Last week, the Fresno County District Attorney issued a press release stating that homosexual abuse allegations against Monsignor Harrison were found to be “credible.”

Today, RCF’s attorney issued the following statement in response to the DA’s findings:

In light of the finding by the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office that the homosexual abuse allegations against Msgr. Craig Harrison are “credible,” it is abundantly clear that Harrison’s civil lawsuit against Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc. (“RCF”) and Stephen Brady is not only frivolous, but malicious and brought in bad faith. Mr. Brady reported neutrally on allegations of sexual abuse on the part of Harrison – expressly stating that he did not know at the time if the allegations were true, and that his investigation would either prove Harrison’s guilt or innocence. Because the Fresno DA has now found “credible” allegations of sexual abuse on the part of Harrison, there is no way he can maintain a defamation case against Brady and RCF. Indeed, the sexual abuse allegations that Mr. Brady addressed at the press conference were made in the same time period and location as the allegations the Fresno DA found “credible” (Firebaugh in the 1990’s). Therefore, if Harrison refuses to dismiss his baseless civil lawsuit against Brady and RCF, then they will sue Harrison for malicious prosecution after they defeat his claims and seek their attorneys’ fees as well as punitive damages. We believe that Harrison’s civil lawsuit is an attack on the First Amendment and citizen reporting, and that it is being used for the improper purpose of attempting to silence and intimidate reporters and even victims. Thus, Mr. Brady and RCF will vigorously defend against Harrison’s baseless claims and pursue all available remedies against him.

It appears Harrison is about to get some of his own medicine.  Good luck with restoring your good name and reputation!