Monsignor Walter Rossi’s Connection to Louis DeNaples, the Scrantonian Billionaire Indicted for Mob Ties

The corrupt National Shrine rector isn’t protected by just the gay mafia.

In the course of researching Rossi’s connection to sinister gay mafia figures, I kept hearing stories about his ties to another mafia–the Italian one. The ostensible invincibility of Rossi, multiple sources told me, derived not only from the protection he received from the McCarricks and Bransfields but also from a suspected mobster named Louis DeNaples, for whom Rossi’s father, Robert, worked as bookkeeper and accountant.

I’ve mentioned this connection previously, but felt that the subject deserved greater treatment. Toward that end, I drove out this last week to Scranton to find out more about the Rossi-DeNaples tie.

DeNaples, everyone agrees, is an immensely powerful and reclusive figure in Scranton and Pennsylvania. He owns the state’s largest landfill business, has made a fortune in used parts, owns at least one bank (probably more), invests heavily in real estate (both in and out of the state; he is said to own a great deal of property in Florida), and has run countless side businesses (in busing, trash collection, and so on), some of them headquartered over the years at Robert Rossi’s accounting firm, say multiple sources.

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