Attorney Says List of St. Louis Priests Accused of Abuse is Incomplete

An attorney who represents victims of clergy sex abuse says last week’s lists of accused priests released by the St. Louis Archdiocese is incomplete.

On Friday, the archdiocese released a list of 64 priests, but attorney Nicole Gorovsky says there’s a larger list with 115 names. Gorovsky says that bigger list was compiled by the archdiocese under court order in a 2014 case, and has since been sealed by a judge.

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She feels the shorter list is a slap in the face to survivors.

“I think it’s offensive!” she told KMOX’s Kevin Killeen. “It’s offensive to the survivors who are out there in the community who know they were abused by a priest that’s not on the list.”

The archdiocese says the larger list has “unsubstantiated complaints” that were not reviewed by the board of lay people that put together the most recent, smaller list.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt confirms his office did receive Archbishop Carlson’s list of clergy members with substantiated abuse allegations against them — but that’s about all he can say.

“This is an investigation that is ongoing and we take it very seriously,” Schmitt told KMOX’s Fred Bodimer. “But beyond that, it would be inappropriate to comment.”

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