New Lawsuit Details Cardinal Mahony’s Cover-Up of Infamous Pedophile Priest

Mahony is still a bishop in good standing in the Archdiocese of Los Angles

John Doe 1001 revealed his identity at a media briefing on Thursday to hold Cdl. Roger Mahony accountable for covering up a homosexual pedophile priest and to encourage other victims to come forward.

Represented by Jeff Anderson & Associates, Alberto Sanchez (John Doe 1001) came forward to hold the archdiocese of Los Angeles accountable ― and Mahony in particular ― for its cover-up of serial abuser Fr. Michael Stephen Baker, to encourage other victims to come forward and to protect other children, especially since Baker is no longer in prison.

“Cardinal Roger Mahony was complicit because he knew Fr. Michael was a sexual predator long before I was assaulted by Fr. Michael,” said Sanchez.

“My hope is that others seeing this will find the courage to come forward and speak up in an attempt to reclaim the lost trust and [their] dignity,” he added.

Mike Reck, a trial attorney for Jeff Anderson & Associates, spoke at the briefing.

“This lawsuit is one of vital, public necessity, and public need which seeks to remedy a dangerous condition that has been, and is present, in the archdiocese of Los Angeles,” he said.

“This lawsuit will uncover and expose the extent of this conspiracy and cover-up in this archdiocese that reaches to the highest levels of the archdiocese ― even directly to Cdl. Roger Mahony,” added Reck.

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