Lansing Dioceses Finally Suspends Priest After Nearly 20 Years of Accusations

The diocese of Lansing has issued a statement that Bishop Boyea has prohibited Fr. William Auth from fundraising within the Diocese on behalf of Maya Indian Missions and has withdrawn Reverend Auth’s faculties to serve as a priest within the diocese.  The announcement comes on the heals of the diocese recognizing Fr. Auth’s 50th Anniversary as a priest in the June issue of its diocesan magazine.

Auth’s activities were originally exposed by Roman Catholic Faithful (RFC) nearly 20 years ago. While discussing sexual activity with men Auth once wrote in email:

“what does it matter if we are priests in the final judgement anyways? Cum on!”

Auth also compared Jesus’s foreskin to his own in the context of his sexual relationships, writing:

“thanks to John Harris for this [info] on Jesus forskin -Im uncut but have had my share of nicks – now i got the best of both worlds
..paz Bill”

RCF organization also assembled a report of accusations against Fr. Auth.