Sacramento Diocese: 40 Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse

More than 40 priests serving the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento were credibly accused of sexually abusing roughly 130 victims in the past 70 years, according to records kept by the church and obtained by The Sacramento Bee.

The release of records once closely guarded by church officials was overseen and ordered by Bishop Jaime Soto, who called the details within church abuse records “gut wrenching,” “sobering” and “repulsive.”

“The issue of sexual abuse in the church haunts me and will haunt me in the future,” Soto said in a Monday interview with The Bee. “This is a story of human sin and human failing.”

Last year, Soto ordered the public release of records which detail how a worldwide sex abuse scandal played out in the Sacramento diocese, which stretches from Vallejo to the Oregon border and serves roughly one million parishioners. Like other Bishops in dioceses across America, Soto was moved to go public as part of a campaign of atonement playing within the Catholic Church across the nation and in some parts of the world.

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