Lafayette Diocese Releases List of 33 Accused Priests

The Diocese of Lafayette released the names Friday of 33 priests and four deacons who were accused of sexually abusing minors, but offered no information about what they were accused of, when the accusations took place or how long they served as Roman Catholic priests after the accusations.

The list includes the names of priests who were convicted of sexual abuse in high-profile cases, including former priest Gilbert Gauthe, whose case was the first widely known of a Catholic priest accused of pedophilia.

Gauthe admitted to raping and sodomizing 37 children as early as 1972. He pleaded guilty in 1986 to 11 counts of child molestation. Gauthe was sentenced to 20 years in prison but was released a decade early. He was later arrested for abuse of a child in Texas.

Others on the diocese list are accused child sex offenders previously reported by The Advertiser, including Ronald Lane Fontenot, Robert Limoges, David Primeaux, Stanley Begnaud, Lloyd Hebert, Harry Quick, John Anthony Mary Engbers, Aldeo Gilbert and Valerie Pullman.

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