Diocese of Lake Charles Releases Names of Clerics Accused of Sexual Abuse

The Catholic diocese for southwest Louisiana released information Thursday about 12 clerics who officials say were credibly accused of sexual abuse.

“To the best of my knowledge, we have reviewed and acted upon every report we have received,” Bishop Glen John Provost of the Diocese of Lake Charles said in a video message .

The four diocesan priests include one accused in Houston as well as in southwest Louisiana, and one accused in Puerto Rico. Five members of religious orders include a Franciscan brother accused of misconduct both in Port Arthur, Texas, and Lake Arthur, Louisiana, and a Benedictine accused in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and in Houston.

One priest on the Lake Charles diocese’s list was accused in 2009 of misconduct in 1964, and the case was referred to the Lafayette diocese. Two others “appear on other lists of known Perpetrators” but have not been the subject of accusations in the Diocese of Lake Charles, according to the diocese.

The list describes the accusations as “sexual misconduct of a minor.”

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